Advantages of Continuous Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses generally fall under two categories: daily wear and continuous wear contact lenses. The classification depends on how long you wear the lenses before removal. Continuous wear contact lenses are perfect for people who do not like removing contacts. They are also suitable for those who do not like searching for their glasses.

Benefits of Continuous Wear Contact Lenses

Continuous wear contact lenses are convenient and suit an active lifestyle. They are perfect if you want to wake up in the morning with clear vision. There are also other benefits of continuous wear contact lenses.

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • You can bypass daily lens care.

  • They are disposable.

  • They are great for camping and road trips.

  • They have sharper vision.

  • They allow oxygen in the eye.

  • Comfortable to Wear

Most continuous wear contact lenses are thinner than daily-wear contact lenses. Nowadays, manufacturers make them from silicone hydrogel material. This makes them more comfortable and breathes better than hydrogel lenses. This is important as you wear them for long periods.

Bypass Daily Lens Care

Continuous wear contact lenses allow you to sleep with your contacts on. This means you do not need to remove them. It saves you the routine of removal, placing them in solution, and insertion in the morning. This daily lens care routine can eat into your sleep time in the night. It can also take up your preparation time in the morning.


The lenses allow for disposal every week, two weeks, or one month. More frequent replacement reduces the buildup of proteins and other lens deposits. This protects your eyes from inflammation and infection. The best practice is to sleep without your lenses at least once a week. This makes weekly disposables the best kind.

Camping and Road Trips

Continuous wear lenses are great for going camping or while on a road trip. They eliminate the need for lens care that may not be ideal because of the environment. This minimizes the risk of infection. It also minimizes the risk of losing contact lenses.

Sharper Vision

Rigid gas-permeable material has a sharp vision. When continuous wear lenses are gas permeable, the vision is also more consistent. This is part of the reason most people who wear them choose them. 

Allow Oxygen in the Eye

Continuous wear lenses that are gas permeable allow oxygen to circulate in the eye. They can be from silicone hydrogel or rigid gas permeable lenses. The tear exchange is also much greater than that in hydrogel lenses. This ensures you do not get corneal edema. 

Some people’s eyes cannot tolerate overnight wear of contact lenses. Others cannot wear them for long periods. During your contact lens fitting, your doctor will advise you. You will know whether continuous wear lenses are for you or not. You will also know how long your eyes can tolerate them. Ensure that you keep to the schedule your doctor recommends.

To avoid problems with continuous wear lenses, check your eyes every day. Stand in front of a mirror and ensure your eyes look good, feel good, and see well.

For more information on continuous wear contact lenses, visit Coers Family Eyecare, PC, at our office in Columbus, Indiana. You can call (812) 408-8400 to book an appointment today.

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