How Can I Protect My Eyes From Injuries During Sports Activities?

Eye injuries can occur anywhere at any time. They can happen at home, in the workplace, and on the field. They range from minor scratches to sight-threatening injuries. The most common cause of eye injuries is sporting accidents. 


Sports eye injuries can affect people of all ages but are most prevalent among children. Blunt force trauma is the most common type of eye injury during sports. Find out how you can protect your eyes from injuries during sports activities. 


Sports Eye Injuries


Sports-related injuries are quite common and can occur during various sports activities. Blunt force injuries are usually from bats, racquets, sticks, balls, and other moving objects. They can also be due to falls and fingers poking the eye. In severe cases, the injuries can lead to long-term complications or vision loss. 


Emergency care can help to prevent the worsening of the injury. Fortunately, most sports eye injuries are preventable. You can reduce the risk of sports-related eye injuries by taking a few preventative measures.  


Understand the Risk of Injuries


Knowing the risks is the first step in preventing sports eye injuries. Studies suggest eye injuries are more likely to occur during water sports and other outdoor activities. Close contact with others increases the risk of a poke in the eye. The risk of eye injuries is also high among sports with little or no contact. 


Find out the most appropriate eye protection for each sport. Options include swimming goggles, sports goggles, bike helmets, and faceguards. Talk to your eye doctor about the best protection for you. 


Protect Your Eyes During Sports


The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports over 40,000 sports-related eye injuries each year. These are the injuries that doctors treat in emergency rooms across the country. Wearing reliable eye protection can help to prevent the risk of injuries. Most injuries occur during contact sports, such as boxing and martial arts. 


Other risky sports for the eyes include hockey, squash, basketball, cricket, baseball, and more. The injuries occur unexpectedly and can happen during otherwise harmless sports, such as tennis and racquetball. 


Choosing Eye Protection 


When choosing eye protection, make sure you get the right gear for your sports activity. Every step will help you to get the best protection. 


  • ASTM F803 approval. Different sports have ASTM standards for safety wear. Look for the ASTM designation to ensure you get performance-tested eyewear. 
  • Get the right fit. Ensure you try on sports eye protection to test the fit. Goggles and other safety wear should fit over the entire eye while being comfortable. 
  • Choose the right material. The material is vital when choosing eye protection. Look for materials that withstand impact to avoid damaging the eye. Polycarbonate lenses are a good option, as they do not break easily.
  • Avoid relying on your regular eyeglasses or sunglasses for protection during sports activities. Regular lenses are not designed to withstand high force.

Common Eye Injuries During Sports


Most eye injuries occur due to improper use of safety equipment and lack of preparation. Common injuries include blunt force trauma, radiation caused by too much UV exposure, and penetration, which occurs when something gets into the eye. 


Protective eyewear can help to prevent mild and severe eye injuries. Consult your eye doctor, especially if you have existing eye issues. The doctor will help you choose the best eye protection. 


For more on how you can protect your eyes from injuries during sports activities, visit Coers Family Eyecare, PC. Our office is in Columbus, Indiana. Call (812) 408-8400 to book an appointment today. 

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