The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams Before School Starts

The back-to-school period signifies a fresh start for many children. It may mean changing bedtime schedules, new teachers, and supplies. Parents must adapt to a new routine that can accommodate them and their children. 

A significant part of the new routine is scheduling annual checkups for their kids before they start school. Most schools must clear children for vaccinations and physicals before participating in sports. While this is essential, it is also vital to schedule eye examinations before they resume school.

Taking care of your child’s eyes is as critical for their general health as exercising and eating healthy. Read on to learn the importance of pediatric eye exams before school starts.


Most Eye Conditions Develop During Childhood

Common refractive errors such as nearsightedness or myopia often develop in childhood. Your child can struggle to see objects at a distance while those at a close range are clear. Most kids who experience this problem often prefer sitting in front of the television when watching.

Eye conditions that remain untreated can affect your child’s academic performance. They will often struggle to understand what their teacher writes on the chalkboard. However, their eye doctor can promptly control myopia or other diagnosed vision problems. As a result, your child will enjoy continuous development and learning.


Blue Light Can Affect Children’s Eyes

Most children use computers and tablets for learning and entertainment in the digital age. As a result, they get exposed to the blue light emitted by digital devices. The exposure increases their risk of vision changes. 

Eye exams can detect ocular changes from continuous use of blue light-emitting gadgets. The eye doctor can prescribe computer eyeglasses to protect and enhance visual health.


Children May Not Notice If They Have Vision Problems

Studies show that one in four children has an unidentified vision error. Most problems are often asymptomatic during the early stages, making routine back-to-school eye exams imperative.

Your eye doctor at Coers Family Eyecare can perform a comprehensive eye examination to detect underlying ocular changes that may not be apparent. They also use advanced technology to evaluate your child’s eye structures. Doing so helps determine if they are functioning correctly.


Early Detection and Management of Vision Problems

Back-to-school eye exams are an opportunity to manage any diagnosed vision problems your child may have through early detection. Doing so also prevents the advancement of such issues from becoming more complex.

Eye exams for children before school starts allow them to preserve their eyesight. Your child may not manage to express any problems they have with their vision. But when an eye doctor evaluates their sight, the doctor can detect issues you did not know existed. By doing so, the quality of their lives improves.


Vision Is Essential for Learning

Studies show that 80 percent of learning involves the eyes. Undetected vision problems can significantly affect your child’s ability to learn while in school. It can be a health barrier to their learning.

Eye exams before school starts can prevent misdiagnoses, such as learning disabilities. They make you understand the root cause of their ocular changes to start treatment early.

For more about pediatric eye exams, visit Coers Family Eyecare, PC, at our office in Columbus, Indiana. Call (812) 408-8400 to book an appointment today.

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