What’s Involved in Sports Vision Training?

Are you looking to improve the clarity of your eyesight to become a better athlete? Sportspersons across the country take sports vision training to compete effectively in their various sporting activities. 

In sports, roughly 80 percent of an athlete's performance is visual. Even if you do not have any vision complaints, it does not mean you are playing to the best of your ability.

What Is Sports Vision Training?

Sports vision training is a form of training that improves an individual’s visual skills, helping them excel in their sport. 

The training focuses on things like:

  • Eye-tracking – The ability to focus your eye to see the ball clearly.

  • Hand-eye coordination- The ability to use your eyes to direct hand and body response.

  • Dynamic visual acuity – The ability to view objects clearly as they move.

  • Peripheral vision – The ability to see what is taking place on your sides without turning your head.

  • Eye focus – The ability to shift focus from one thing to another clearly and quickly.

  • Reaction time – The ability to see something and respond quickly.

Types of Sports Vision Training Exercises

The most common sports vision training exercises concentrate on parts of the vision; for example, how flexibly you can adjust your focus, dynamic visual acuity, and peripheral vision. Here are some types of sports vision training exercises.

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity Exercise

Dynamic visual acuity exercise helps you see things clearly as they move quickly. For instance, in sports like racquetball, tennis, hockey, and baseball, you need to be able to see the puck or the ball as they move quickly in space.

To exercise your dynamic visual acuity, use a record turntable. Cut out letters from a magazine and place them on the record turntable. Then, try to read out the letters as they spin at various speeds. 

  • The Flexibility of Focus Exercise

Exercising your focus flexibility helps you improve your ability to change your focus from distant objects to those that are close.

To exercise this, place a magazine paper on the wall, about 15 feet away from your eyes, and hold a similar paper in your hand close to your eyes. Try to focus on the words on the paper on the wall and the paper on your hand back and forth. By shifting your focus to and fro, you will boost your dynamic visual acuity.

  • Peripheral Vision Exercise

This trains your ability to see objects that are not right in front of you. To exercise your peripheral vision, try watching television out of the corner of your eye.

  • Depth Perception Exercise

This exercise allows you to judge where an object will land. To practice this, hold a drinking straw out in front of you at an arm’s length away. Then, exercise dropping a pebble or a toothpick through the straw.

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